The Behavior of Pregnant Women with Chronic Energy Deficiency in Preventing Stunting with the Perspective of Women's Empowerment

Melinda Rosita Wariyaka, Matje Meriaty Huru, Ignasensia Dua Mirong, Ni Luh Made Diah Putri Anggaraeningsih, Loriana Lorinda Manalor, Diyan Maria Kristin, Firda Kalzum Kiah, Firda Kalzum Kiah, Ummi Kaltsum S. Saleh, Ummi Kaltsum S. Saleh


Chronic energy deficiency (CED) in pregnant women has been proven to have various impacts on the mother during pregnancy, childbirth, and even the postpartum period. The impact on the fetus is proven to be four times the risk of being born with low birth weight. Data on chronic energy deficiency in pregnant women, which is still high at the Tarus Health Center,  is the background in writing this article, how their behavior prevents stunting from the aspect of empowering women. The purpose of this study was to analyze the behavior of chronic energy-deficient pregnant women with chronic energy deficiency in preventing stunting in their later children based on women’s empowerment, which was associated with educational background, age, and parity status. This type of research was cross-sectional study, involved 44 pregnant women who experienced chronic energy deficiency, had an MCH handbook, and were willing to participate, selected using total sampling. Data were collected using questionnaire, then analyzed using Chi-square test. Most of the pregnant women were in the gravida status with the multiparous category, with unfavorable behavior, there was a significant relationship (p-value <0.05) between education and the mother’s age, while parity status has no significant relationship to the behavior of pregnant women in preventing stunting. As conclusion, stunting prevention behavior in pregnant women with chronic energy deficiency was related to the mother's age and educational background.


Keywords : pregnant women; chronic energy deficiency; behavior; education; parity; age  



Behaviour, Chronic Energy deficiency

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